A bit of a history lesson...

Ahh, our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks. There is no other FBS school that utilizes a porcine as their mascot. The Razorback is very well known for charging its prey, when threatened.

When the University of Arkansas held its first classes, a contest was held to determine the school colors. Thankfully, Cardinal was selected over Heliotrope (the color behind the word Heliotrope). Our Hogs were known as the "Arkansas Cardinals", once our football team was assembled.

For some reason, around 2000, some Manufacturers started producing merchandise with Cardinal and Black as the official colors... including some team uniforms. Even the Collegiate Licensing Company (responsible for all UofA licensed gear) produced some items in Cardinal/Black. While this has been corrected back to the official Cardinal/White combination, you can still easily locate merchandise with the Cardinal/Black combination.

After completing an impressive 7-0 season in 1909, Coach Hugo Bezdek said that his team "played like a wild band of razorback hogs" after watching them rack up an impressive 186 points while holding opponents to a paltry 18 points.

That statement proved so popular that the University officially changed its mascot from "The Cardinals" to "The Razorbacks" in 1910.

Since the Razorback name was already in use by Texarkana-AR High School, the University worked out an agreement giving Texarkana used athletic equipment in exchange for allowing the University to use the new name for its mascot.

The famous "Woo, Pig! SOOIE!" yell arrived sometime in the 1920's. No other university has a team cheer quite like the Hogs!

Football began in 1894. Basketball began in 1923. Baseball also started in 1923, though historical record data is only available from 1960 forward.

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